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Named for Denmark’s capital, KØBENHAVN is a collection of organic, vegan and ethically produced coffee scrubs designed for the luxury market. The collection includes a mild, moderate and coarse scrub to cater to all skin types and address numerous a number of skin concerns.

WØRKS melbourne

[the difference]

When it comes to coffee scrubs, the quality and integrity of the coffee beans is paramount to achieving results. Our custom blend of organic robusta and arabica coffee beans has been carefully curated to contain high levels of caffeine to stimulate circulation and cellular renewal, while ensuring an optimal sensory experience.

We source premium beans from fair trade and sustainable coffee plantations, and then roast, grind and blend them in-house. We maintain end-to-end control to ensure the quality and integrity of our scrubs.

When you use a WØRKS melbourne product you’ll see, smell and feel the difference.


GRIND NO.15 [mild]

Finely ground coffee gently exfoliates and stimulates circulation; rapadura sugar with naturally occurring AHAs encourages cellular turnover and skin clarity; coconut, olive, sweet almond and vitamin e oils nourish and moisturise; milled nutmeg boosts cell renewal and soothes, calms and brightens the skin.

Addresses blemishes, inflammation, fine lines, dullness and pigmentation. Read more…

GRIND NO.30 [moderate]

Ground coffee exfoliates and stimulates circulation; sustainably grown and harvested coconut sugar removes impurities and boosts hydration; coconut, olive, sweet almond and vitamin e oils nourish and moisturise; milled cardamom detoxifies, fights free radicals and improves skin tone, texture and clarity.

Addresses dry skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, scars and sun damage. Read more…

GRIND NO.60 [coarse]

Coarsely ground coffee deeply exfoliates and stimulates circulation; raw sugar with naturally occurring AHAs encourages cellular renewal and brightens dry, dull skin; coconut, olive, sweet almond and vitamin e oils nourish and moisturise; milled star anise tightens and tones for smoother, more supple skin

Addresses dry, flakey and damaged skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and deeply hydrates. Read more…

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DESIGN [by denmark]

Our KØBENHAVN [organisk kaffe skrub] collection is packaged in custom made reusable glass jars with wooden lids. Each jar is fitted with a bespoke low profile non-slip silicon mat on the underside for optimal user experience.

Our labels, designed in Denmark by designer Martin Pårsgård Ibsen, have been created with Scandinavia’s world-renowned clean, functional and minimalist design principles in mind.

GET GLOWING [smoother, softer skin after one use]

Gently rub scrub over wet or dry skin in a circular motion, concentrating on areas of concern. For best results, leave scrub on for several minutes before rinsing. Leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed, soft and silky smooth after one use. Use 2-3 times per week.